Handicap Policy

Handicap Policy

POSTING SCORES:Members are required to post all scores for all valid rounds played including scores for tournaments they participate in. Members should post scores, via the Handicap Computer at the Golf Course, the day they play the round, however if the member does not post the score the day the round is played the member is required to post the round prior to the next revision taking place. Members also need to adjust their score using ESC prior to posting their score. Additionally, there will be some tournaments conducted throughout the year that will also require members to not only post their score for the tournament but to post it as a “T”, tournament scores. The USGA does allow some use of the internet to post scores only when it is impossible to post the score at the Golf Course Handicap Computer. It however does not allow 100 % posting of all scores via the internet as they indicate that practice circumvents “Peer Review” of scores posted. Random Handicap and Score posting audits will take place.

The following items will be reviewed during Handicap Committee Audits:

  •  Posting Of Scores In A Timely Manner.  The USGA recommends that scores be posted the same day the round is played.  This is not always possible. At a minimum, all scores must be posted prior to the next Handicap Revision in order that your Handicap Index remains valid.
  •  Posting the Correct Score.  All scores must be downward adjusted, prior to posting, using Equitable Stroke Control, “ESC”. An explanation of ESC is available below.
  •  “T” Tournament Scores: Periodically, Club Tournaments will require you post your score as a “T” Tournament Score.  Designation of “T” Tournaments will be made one or two ways, either on the Tournament Rules Sheet and or by signage at the GHIN computer.
  •  Posting Scores Higher Than Played. Posting scores higher than actually played is never allowed and will be viewed as an attempt to manipulate your Handicap Index.

The assessment of Penalties to your Handicap Record will vary depending on the severity of the violation.  “Penalties” can include the posting of Penalty Scores to your record, modification of your Handicap Index, and ultimately for repeated violations, the suspension of your Handicap Privileges.

Posting scores late (after a Handicap Revision takes place) at a minimum, will result in a Modification of Your Handicap Index to reflect the correct Index had the score been posted on time.

In all situations, the assessment of a Penalty and or the Modification of one’s Handicap Index can be appealed. Appeals are made to the Handicap Committee in writing, (email is the preferred method).  After Committee review, you will be notified of the Committee’s decision.


 An individual may request his Handicap Index be modified due to a newly incurred temporary or permanent physical limitation. All requests for modification must be sent in writing to the Handicap Chairperson, Al Fazi.

Additional Handicap Information

To Post a Score or for Handicap Lookup go to the GHIN Website.

Submitting Score Cards & Equitable Stroke Control

The game of golf is based on the premise that a player will play as well as the player can play. Under the USGA Handicap System, each player is required to record a hole score for a hole not finished, not played, or not played under “The Rules of Golf,” and to reduce any hole score when it is higher than the maximum number allowed under Equitable Stroke Control.

“Equitable Stroke Control” (ESC) is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player’s Course Handicap. ESC is used only when a player’s actual or most likely score exceeds the player’s maximum number based on the table below.  Note, the player should use theirCourse Handicap and not their GHIN Handicap.  Click here for the USGA’s Course Handicap Calculator.

Course Handicap Maximum Hole Score
9 or less Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40 and above 10


Questions: Al Fazi, Handicap Chairman, 203-438-9716 or alfazi@att.net